If You’re An Uber Driver You Need Rideshare Insurance

I farewelled my old insurance company today.

It was sad, really. I'd been with them forever and they'd always been terrific to deal with.

But my renewal was coming up in a couple of weeks and I'd decided it wasn't smart not to have a policy that covered me while I was working as an Uber driver as well as driving privately. The Uber TOS are far too vague to rely on and in any case don't cover you while you're waiting for or on your way to a ride.

So I phoned my (very well known) insurance company.


Told them I was thinking about doing some Uber driving and could I amend/upgrade my policy to cover this?

Well, the answer was very clear. No. We don't cover Uber drivers.

And that was it. No wiggle room. Have an accident while the Uber driver app is on, and doesn't matter how much premium you've paid over the years, you're NOT INSURED.

That was a no-brainer for me. I contacted my insurance brokers. They took care of everything over the phone and organised comprehensive insurance with another (also very well known) company that included unlimited rideshare insurance.

So now I'm fully covered and feel much more secure.

The new premium was about 15% more than the old one. Well worth it, in my opinion. And, as a bonus, the excess reduced by $250.

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