Should I Upgrade My Car to UberSelect?

I received an email from RideshareGuy reader Andrew Stimson asking:

"I am trying to find info on Uber Select, preferably in QLD (I am on the Gold Coast). I would really like to know the percentage of rides I could expect for Select. I have rung Uber but they don't know so it is difficult making a decision whether to buy a more expensive car.

As this is a question others may have, I thought I'd post both the question and my reply here.


The Problem with UberSelect

Hi Andrew,

I’m on UberSelect (on the Sunshine Coast) and the number of UberSelect rides I get is minimal (less than 1 a day) so I would say that it’s not a good idea to get a more expensive car just for that.

The fault lies with the app. I’ve had conversations with passengers who had no idea you could request anything other than UberX.

UberX or UberSelect

At this point, all their attention is focused on the big CONFIRM UBERX button.

The heading "Economy: Affordable, everyday rides" just looks like a promotional statement, rather than a definition of UberX.

They don’t even notice the option to click on Premium.

It would be far better if the app showed all the options equally across the screen, each with its own button. For example CONFIRM UBERX, CONFIRM UBERSELECT, CONFIRM UBERXL.

Creating a Useful App

One of the main tools used by software developers when designing an app is User Stories.

A User Story takes the form "As a (stakeholder) I need to (do something with the app) so that I can (achieve some goal)".

The idea is that if User Stories are well written and cover all of the user requirements, and the app is then developed to satisfy all the User Stories, the result will be a high quality, useful app.

The User Stories that would have avoided this problem are:

"As a rider, I need to see clearly the vehicle options available to me so that I can make an informed decision about what I choose for this particular ride."

"As an Uber driver with an up market vehicle, I want riders to be able to easily select my type of vehicle so that I maximise my income."

Flexibility Is the Key

Note that to satisfy the first User Story, all options have to be presented every time. This recognises the fact that there may be different vehicle requirements for different rides.

For example, UberX to go to the supermarket, UberSelect or UberBlack to arrive at a wedding, UberXL for an airport run with a lot of luggage and a set of golf clubs.


Phil Lancaster

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