Update Your Uber Documents

Your Registration is Expiring Soon

This is the text message I kept getting from Uber for the past few weeks.

I didn't really need it. I keep electronic diaries for this sort of stuff and I knew my registration expired on August 6, so I was set up to renew it on August 2.

I knew that Uber can access the Transport and Main Roads site, so I assumed that since they were smart enough to know my rego and CTP were due, they'd be smart enough to know that it had been renewed.

Which it was - on August 2, as planned.

Sorry, You Can't Drive

I often go out around 7:45 am on a Monday, as I'm likely to pick up an airport run. Around $40 for a pleasant 30 mins on the motorway.

But when I tried to this morning, the Uber app wouldn't connect me.



Because of my expired registration.

Even though it had been renewed.

The Uber app automatically loaded the camera so I could photograph and upload my Certificate of Registration.

No Registration Certificate

One little problem here. Transport and Main Roads in Queensland doesn't issue registration certificates.

So I logged onto the website and, after jumping through hoops to prove I was actually who I said I was, managed to print off a certificate of registration.

Photographed and uploaded it.

The document on the Uber app changed to Pending Approval.

So I waited.

And waited.

And eventually...

The document annotation changed back to Missing.

So I went through the whole process again.

And exactly the same thing happened.

Phone Help

By now it was 10:00am, so Uber phone help was firing up.

I rang 1300 091 272, worked my way through a reasonably simple menu and got onto a support person.

After I explained the situation, he got onto the Transport and Main Roads website, verified that my registration had indeed be renewed and had me back on the air within a couple of minutes.

When I asked why this hadn't happened automatically when I submitted the photo, I was told it was because the registration certificate supplied by the department didn't include all the required information!

I mean, how hopeless is that system?

The Takeway

Aside from the many, many ways that whole system could be improved, the takeaway is this:

If you have a document coming up for renewal, renew it in advance, get a copy, upload it to Uber and then phone them if there's any issues.

That way, you might avoid being cut off like I was.


Phil Lancaster

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