Uber Driving with Additional Stops and Extra Distance

Do Uber Drivers Get Paid for Extra Stops and Kilometres?

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This is really part of the general question of how is the Uber fare calculated. Is it based on the time and distance from the pickup point to the destination entered by the rider or on the actual time taken and distance travelled?

First up, be aware that the rider has been given a fare estimate based on the details entered.

But it's just that - an estimate.

The actual fare will be calculated on the distance actually travelled and the actual time taken.

We've all had the passenger who asks "Can we pick up a friend on the way?" It doesn't matter whether it's on the way, or out of the way, you'll still get paid for it.

In fact, I use it as an opportunity to be Mr Nice Guy and increase the likelihood of a 5 star rating. I always say something like "Absolutely. No problem at all" adding the passenger's name to the end, if I remember it. Which I usually do, because I've memorised the rider's name when I accepted the ride and greeted them by name when I picked them up.

What if Your Uber Rider Asks for a Round Trip?

The other thing that can happen is that you reach the destination, perhaps a liquor outlet or a supermarket, and your rider asks you to wait and then take them back home again.

What should you do?


The first thing to remember is that you will get paid, both for the time you're waiting and the distance for the trip back home.

But the second thing to be aware of is that the rate of pay for time is very low. Most of your income accrues from the distance travelled from pickup to destination.

If they haven't already volunteered it, I always ask how long they think they'll be. If they indicate just a couple of minutes, I'll always wait. It's usually going to be more profitable than waiting for another ride and, again, you're being Mr or Ms Nice Person.

If it's going to be more than 10 minutes, then I'm not going to wait. But I still want that 5 star rating. So what I would do is tell the passenger that it will cost them too much if I wait and they are better off just calling another Uber when they're ready. The sub-text here is that I'm looking after their best interests.

Is This Affected by Surge?

Yes, absolutely.

If you're in a surge area and requests are coming in, you want to finish your current trip as quickly as possible and pick up your next surge request.

You may have even already accepted your next ride before completing your current one and before your rider has asked you to wait and then take them back home.

In that case, I would simply tell the passenger "I'm really sorry, but I've already accepted another ride request and I have to go and pick them up now. But don't worry. Just call another Uber when you are ready to go. I'm sure you won't have any problem."

Again, it's appearing being helpful and concerned about their best interests even if really your major concern is maximising your Uber driving income.


Phil Lancaster

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