Uber Drivers in Qld: New Signage Requirements

New Uber Signage

New Uber Sticker for Uber Drivers in Qld

From 30 October 2017, Uber drivers in Queensland MUST display the new Uber stickers in their vehicles while driving or waiting for Uber riders (in other words, whenever the Uber driver app is on).

Unlike the previous sticker, which displayed the Uber symbol on the rear windscreen, the new stickers clearly show the word "UBER" in upper case.

There are two stickers, exactly the same. One must be affixed to the front passenger side windscreen and the other to the rear passenger side windscreen.

So that if you are looking at your car from the back, both stickers are on the left hand side.


Where Do You Get the New Uber Signage?

Uber should send them to you automatically. They were supposed to have them out by the middle of October. I got mine on the 17th, so I'd suggest that if you haven't got yours yet, contact Uber immediately through the Rider App's help and also go onto the Uber website and confirm that your current address is recorded.

There are indications that the Department of Transport and Main Roads may police these new requirements aggressively. It's your responsibility (not Uber's) to make sure that you comply.


The rules say that you must have both Uber stickers displayed in the correct location when the Uber driver app is on, but also that you must remove them when the app is off. This latter requirement would be difficult to police, of course.

If you've turned the app off, forgotten to remove the stickers and see someone official looking approaching you, I suggest you flick the app back on immediately.

Other New Requirements

From 1 January 2018, new licencing and CTP (Compulsory Third Party) insurance requirements come into effect. I'll be covering these in a future post.


Phil Lancaster

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