Uber Driver Support: A Positive Experience

Uber Driver Support

We've published plenty of feedback here from drivers who've suffered from unsatisfactory Uber driver support.

So it's good to be able to report a positive experience.

My own, in this case.

This morning, I picked up one of my favourite fares, from Noosa to the Sunshine Coast airport.

It takes about half an hour. The first half on the very scenic coast road and the second half on a 100 km/hr motorway.

It normally pays around $42. Not bad for an easy half hour drive and I usually pick up a couple of extra rides on the way back.

Uber Fare Lower than Usual

Except that this time the fare came up as $24.32! In other words, a reduction of 43%. Not acceptable, Uber.


I tried calling Uber support, but it was too early, as they're not on deck until 10:00am.

On the way back home, I got two more ride requests, but in each case the Uber navigation app locked up after I accepted the ride.

It told me the pickup address, but then froze, so that I got no directions to the pickup point and, as I wasn't in my usual home area (where I know most of the streets) I had no choice but to cancel.

After the second cancellation, I flicked the app off.

Uber Support: Incorrect Fare

After I got home, I called Uber Support on 1300 091 272.

I was fully expecting to be told either

"No, we don't know why that happened." or

"If that's what the app says you earned, it must be right. What's the problem?" or

"Yes, Uber has recently reduced its fares." or

"It's part of our new up-front pricing."

I'm pleased to say none of that happened.

After I worked through the menu, the phone was answered by a young man who identified himself as Rey and politely asked a couple of identification questions.

I explained the reduced fare issue to him and he repeated it back to ensure that he was understanding it correctly.

He brought up my account, identified the ride and asked if I would mind holding while he checked it out further.

Rey was back after less than a minute to say that yes it looked as if there was a fault with the app and that navigation hadn't clocked the correct distance. He had adjusted the ride accordingly. He told me the correct fare amount that would be communicated to the rider and that my remuneration would be adjusted to $42.41.

He said that it could take between 24 and 48 hours to appear on my account, but would hopefully be faster.

Well, it certainly was.

Two emails arrived about 10 minutes later, confirming the adjustment and it appeared on my phone less than a minute later.

So all in all, excellent support and a satisfactory outcome.

Uber Support: Navigation App

I also informed Rey about the issues I'd had with Uber navigation.

He didn't have any solution to that, other than a suggestion to try switching the phone off and on again to force a reload of the app, but promised to pass the issue further up the line.

I reloaded the app, but decided there were better things I could do with the beautiful weather, like go down to the beach 🙂

Later That Day...

I didn't go out Ubering again until much later that day.

Uber navigation was still having the same issues, but as I know my local area pretty well, I was generally OK.

But I reloaded the app again, and it got better.

And repeated the process again, and this time it came good.

My Take

I suspect that the navigation issues are a by-product of Uber testing the waters with their new app, finding problems, making hasty mods and then redeploying them.

Back in my IT days, we called it "field testing".

But it's clearly worthwhile reporting issues to the Uber help desk. You mightn't always get the response you want, but persevere.

And don't take out your frustrations on the guy or girl who answers the phone. They haven't caused your problem, they're trying to help you fix it.

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