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Uber and GST Revisited

Change from December 2017

From the 1st of December 2017, Google started invoicing its Australian drivers as an Australian entity.

Among other things, this means that Uber, just like the rest of us, is paying GST on its earnings.

What Does This Mean for Drivers?

This change has no effect on your net income as a driver.

You still have to pay GST on the total charged to your riders. Your invoice from Uber will be higher as it now has GST added, but this GST in turn reduces your GST payment obligation.

This means that your weekly Uber income will be reduced by the GST amount but you recover it by a lower GST amount paid to the ATO on your quarterly BAS.


How Do Taxes Work for Rideshare Drivers?

Important Update

From 1/12/2017, Uber started invoicing as an Australian entity, paying GST to the ATO.

Although this has no effect on your net income for the quarter, it does reduce your weekly income by the GST amount and then give it back to you by a reduced amount owed on your quarterly BAS.

See the post Uber and GST Revisited for full details.

Tax obligations for Uber drivers.

GST and Income Tax for Uber Drivers

Uber drivers have to be concerned with both GST and income tax. It's vitally important to get both absolutely correct. Otherwise, you could be in for a nasty surprise further down the track.


Everyone understands GST. It's 10% of your earnings, right?

No, wrong. For an Uber driver, there are 2 very important considerations. You must get them right and you must be able to provide the necessary documentation if you're ever audited by the Australian Tax Office.