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The survey results are in and the results are interesting. If you didn't get around to completing the survey yesterday, you can still do so at I'll be happy to republish the results if the figures change significantly.

The chart above is just one of the results from one question. As you can see, 64% of respondents felt that their rideshare business was worse or much worse because of Covid-19.

Let's have a look at the rest of the results.


The Distribution of the Respondents

Survey Result 2

Interesting that the most active respondents were from Queensland, the state least affected by the pandemic. And a lot of those were from the Gold Coast, though even there, business must be badly affected by the border closure.

There were no respondents from South Australia or Tasmania.

Does Uber Still Have a Monopoly?

Survey Result 3

This was a surprise to me. When I was still rideshare driving, although there were others trying to break into the market, Uber was really the only game in town.

So it's encouraging to see that more than half the respondents are now driving on platforms other than Uber, as well as Uber itself.

This is something I should explore further. Get some good, the bad and the ugly on the other driver platforms that are out there.

The Type of Driving

Well, no doubt about this one.

The U.S. and the U.K. have seen a surge in food delivery driving, as drivers see it as a safer alternative to carrying possibly infected passengers, coupled with the fact that as people stay home, ordering meals for contactless delivery has also surged.

Not so much here, apparently.

What was interesting to me was the clear demarcation between the two. It was one or the other. No one responded to say they did both.

What's Happening a Year Down the Track?

Survey Result 5

Perhaps to be expected, but uncertainty rules. 57% of respondents don't know if they'll still be rideshare driving in a year's time.

What's not clear is whether this is because they are thinking of doing something else or they think Covid-19 will essentially drive them out of business before then.

Would You Like to Own an Online Business?

Survey Result 6

For me, this was a really interesting result.

As you may know, I stopped Uber driving over a year ago, when I realised just how much it was costing me in depreciation and how little time I had to myself.

I'd been dabbling in online businesses and made the decision to focus on them as an income stream. And, to be honest, it was something that I enjoyed much more than picking up strangers and driving them around. And yes, I do understand that it's that aspect which appeals to a lot of people.

I now have 22 online businesses. They are much more lucrative than Uber driving ever was.

But back to the results.

40% gave a flat out No. No, I'm not interested in owning an online business. This is totally foreign to me. With everyone shopping online, the opportunity has never been greater. I'm really interested in your thinking on this one, and would love to have your feedback. Please take a moment and add a comment underneath this post.

But of course, 60% said they were interested, including 27% who didn't know where to start.

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