Setting Goals and Lurking

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As a retired baby boomer, Uber driving provides a nice little additional income for me. And, as explained in other posts, if it's set up properly as a business, it can actually improve your tax position at the same time, especially if you're receiving a pension.

But I like my income to be predictable and so I set very clear goals and make sure I always achieve them. You should do the same.

Everyone's goals will be different, but these are mine and this is how I go about it.


I aim to collect $1,200 per week from Uber driving without driving at night and still with time during the day for other interests like bike riding, surfing and getting to the gym.

I break this down into $140 per week day and $250 per weekend day. As a holiday destination, the Sunshine Coast is far busier on weekends.

I'm a fairly early riser, so I can be showered, shaved, breakfasted and dressed by 7.00am. At this time in Noosa, there are normally no other drivers, so I'm the only game in town! So I'll lurk (see below) until I get a ping. Quite often, I'll then continue to get back to back rides, and maybe an airport run.

The $140 goal is usually reached by lunchtime (and I prefer to go over, rather than stop just under). That gives me the rest of the day to do the things I like.

If you're working a day job, then of course you don't have the same freedom. But I believe you should still set goals. It's a satisfying feeling when you achieve them!


Uber Driver Lurking

Lurking is the term I use for waiting for my first ping.

Because I'm not even in the car, I'm still in the apartment.

As soon as I'm ready to go, I flick the partner app on (after using the rider app to see if there are any other drivers around) but then get on with other things, like email, facebook, whatever. That way, I'm not wasting time in the car waiting for that first ping.

And it's always the first wait that's the longest. Once I get going, the rides seem to come in more quickly.


Phil Lancaster

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