Rideshare Insurance

Rideshare Insurance

What's the Best Rideshare Insurance?

This is the question I was asked in an email yesterday.

As I no longer do any rideshare driving, I decided to put the question to other Rideshare Guy members.

Here's the original email to me:

"do you have any suggestion for best uber insurance in Melbourne thanks"

Here's what I sent out:


Rideshare Insurance

Hi <FirstName>,

I had an email this morning asking who offered the best rideshare insurance in Melbourne.

I couldn't advise him as I haven't been Uber driving for well over a year.

When I was, I had rideshare insurance through Allianz, but even though I'd never has a claim, the premiums just kept going up and up.

I don't know what the scenario is now, so I'm reaching out to you.

Could you let me know

1. Do you have rideshare insurance?
2. If so, who with?
3. Are you happy with them?

I'll pass on the replies to the Melbourne Uber driver who contacted me and, if I get enough replies, post the results as a chart on the website.

To your ridesharing success,

Phil Lancaster

And here are the replies I received. I hope they help both my original enquirer and the rest of you. I've omitted all names, of course.

Hi Phil,

I stopped driving Uber late December & have since cancelled.

They could try QBT Insurance if they are driving less than 32hrs/week.


Hi Phil

I am insured with Bingle. But, I’ve just noticed my premium has jumped about $10 a month.

I’d be really interested to see what other companies drivers are using and their comments.


I’m not driving at this stage.

But NRMA didn’t charge much extra for rideshare. I think.

Hi Phil

I won't recommend any company but check that the policy covers Passengers and Eats delivery. I could not find 1 insurance company that covered both.

  • Yes
  • Bingle
  • Yes, Cheapest in Victoria>

  • Hello Phil, yes in Brisbane I recently purchased Comprehensive rideshare car insurance through NRMA via online. I paid for 12 months upfront at $671, which is substantially cheaper than NRMA,or RACQ or Youi! I have a Nissan Qashqai SUV.

    Kind regards,

    Hi Phil I am not doing uber anymore. Prior to covid I was planning to move to Melbourne and was told by alliance that insurance in that city would be exponentially higher because of the damage statistics there.

    It caused me to rethink the plan of doing rideshare while there


    Hi Phil,

    I have rideshare insurance with AAMI.

    Not all insurers will cover rideshare but I haven't had any issues (or claims, touch wood) with them.


    AAMI pay $1510 for rideshare inclusive of my comprehensive insurance for $72,000 coverage on my Volvo XC60, never had an issue with claims.


    I have insurance with the UBI CAR $78-91 monthly depends how good driver you are .

    I was with AAMI for years and they charging

    I was with allianz , and having shopped around, found them to be the only reasonably affordable option that actually covered you for rideshare.

    So there you go. Like I said, I'm totally unqualified to comment, but the above are the thoughts from your fellow drivers.

    Feel free to leave a comment below.

    A dialog between drivers could benefit everyone.


    Phil Lancaster

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