Protect Your Uber Rating

A Good Uber Rating is a Valuable Asset

Uber Rating Display

Your passengers are invited to rate you from 1 star to 5 but are not obligated to do so.

Your Uber rating is the average of your last 500 ratings. It's a valuable asset.

I'm often surprised at the number of passengers who mention my rating when I pick them up. Some have even read the previous passenger comments.

I believe that a good rating makes it more likely that your current passenger will also give you a good rating. So it becomes a self-proliferating thing.

What's the advantage of a good rating?

For one thing, it makes a rider less likely to cancel and more likely to be looking forward to a good experience.

But also there have been hints that the new Uber driver app to be rolled out towards the end of the year will reward drivers with better ratings in some way.

Not with cash, unfortunately, but with something like a higher priority on better trips. We'll just have to wait and see.

How to Get and Keep a Good Rating


We all start off even.

A new Uber driver automatically has a 5 Star rating.

So you are especially vulnerable to poor ratings at that point of time.

If your first passenger gives you 5 Stars, then your average is 5 Stars. But if your first passenger gives you 4 Stars, then your average immediately drops to 4.5 and it will take several good rides before it climbs back up again.

And remember, Uber will consider delisting a driver with a rating of 4.6 or less!

Uber Rider Compliments

One thing you want to do is click on Rider Compliments on the Uber Ratings screen.

This will tell you what your riders most like about your service and so is a great guide to what should should continue doing well and what you may be able to improve.

Here are my top tips for getting and keeping a good rating. They're not rocket science. In fact, they are blindingly obvious. But sometimes they're easy to forget. And just one bad rating can damage you. See our post I'm an Uber Driver: Who Dinged me?

1. Always be nice to people (even if they don't deserve it). I picked up a rider the other day who asked me how to put in both an intermediate and final destination. I told her, but also said there was no problem, I'd just take her to her final destination via the intermediate one and the Uber app would calculate the correct fee. She was totally grateful. She told me another Uber driver got really angry with her when she asked him to do that. How stupid is that. All he will have achieved is a low rating.

2. Be aware of passenger's needs. If they're on the phone, mute the music. Chat if they want to chat, but give them peace if they don't. Don't interrupt them when they're texting. Open the boot ahead of them wanting to put in their luggage or groceries and get out to help them if they need it.

3. Be knowledgeable about local restaurants and events.

4. Keep your car scrupulously clean, especially the windows, carpets and seats.

5. Stick to speed limits and don't think your passengers will be impressed by how fast you can take a corner or roundabout. Your riders are unaware of your skill level so never risk making them feel unsafe.

6. Be courteous to other road users, including drivers, pedestrians and cyclists.

7. Never criticise a previous passenger.

8. Be nice to your riders' children. Kids like to be acknowledged and no one will give a bad rating to someone their children say that they liked.

9. Always check Rider Feedback. This is what you want to see, but if any issues are reported, take them on board. Don't feel resentful, but regard it as an opportunity to improve.

Uber Rider Feedback

Phil Lancaster

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