Maximize Your Uber Driver Earnings

How Can I Maximize My Earnings as an Uber Driver?

Maximize Uber Earnings

Here are four ways to maximize your earnings as an Uber driver:

Drive Where The People Are

If you are driving on the freeway and there are no houses around or shopping centers around, then you probably won’t be getting a ping.  Always be moving toward people. In the mornings, you want to be where people are leaving their houses or apartments and heading into work.  In the late afternoon, you want to be where people are working so you can pick them up and take them home.

Get Long Rides When Traffic Is Light

During midday and on the weekends, traffic tends to be lighter.  This is a great time to take long rides so you can rack up the mileage, and thereby boost your earnings.  You can also use the Uber destination filter.


5 Things That Uber & Lyft Won’t Tell Drivers Before They Sign Up

What do you think new drivers need to know before they sign up to drive, and how does that line up with what Uber and Lyft tells them?

It’s interesting to look at the gap between the realities of rideshare and the messaging we get from Uber & Lyft advertisements. Dustin over at Dustin is Driving on Youtube recorded a great video that covers the 5 things Uber and Lyft don’t tell new drivers, and it should help newer drivers discover the info Uber & Lyft left out of the TV commercials.

What’s going on all my new, current and future rideshare divers out there? Welcome back to the channel. Today’s video, I’m going to keep it 100 with you and tell you the five main things you need to know before you ever even consider becoming an Uber and Lyft driver. Because guess what? Let’s face, those commercials you’ve seen, are just BS and lies.

I’m No Longer Driving for Uber. Here’s Why:

1. It's Very Expensive

Uber Driver Major Expenses

I found this out when a number of things happened at once.

First, I had a major repair expense, enough to wipe out all my Uber income for the past 5 months!

The major component that failed caused my car to stop as it came off the motorway while delivering two passengers to the airport.

Fortunately, I was able to flag down another Uber driver on his way to the airport and he was able to add my passengers to his. So at least my passengers caught their flight.

Component Failure

Was Uber driving the cause of the failure?

April 8, 2019

More FAQs

FAQs 1

These are the last few comments left by Rideshare Guy subscribers on our website.

I'm including them here as Questions and Answers (without identifying the subscriber) as they may be useful to others.

Q: Hi, It’s been 4th month since I started UberEats and I have registred for GST. BUt I haven’t lodged Activity Statement yet. Should I lodge it or it only works for Uberx?

A: The BAS relates to any business that is earning an income, not specifically to UberX. So yes, you need to lodge it and show both your income and expenses relating to UberX, UberEats and any other business venture you may have.

Q: Can i ask how to sign amazon flex in australia, what is the link for sign up please. Thanks.

A: We posted about Amazon Flex way back in July 2017. You can read that post here:
What’s changed since then?

For starters, there seems to be very little information available concerning the opportunities in Australia. The first one that I found to even confirm that it had started up was from CNBC:

Weirdly though, I cannot find anywhere how to sign up to deliver for them in Australia. Every single site I found was US related, so I don’t know what’s happening here. I’ll continue to research and let you know if I find anything.

Q: Hi Guys,
is your income what you receive from uber in the bank or including there cut ?
Also are all other deductions claimable or income is net profit after all expenses.
can you please help me understand.

A: Strictly speaking, your income is the total of the two (your net + Uber’s charges) but then you claim Uber’s cut as an expense, so it’s only the net amount in the bank that you pay tax on.

And yes, you claim all other expenses to do with earning that income as deductions. That will include a portion of fuel, servicing, registration, insurance and so on. But don’t forget depreciation (it’s a big one) that applies if you own your car or are financing it through a chattel mortgage, in which case the interest component is also claimable. The portion that you can claim is the portion attributable to business and the best way to calculate that is by a 3 month log. Our website has downloadable spreadsheets to work all that out.

Other business related expenses, such as accounting fees and home office may also be claimable.

Q: I just want to thank you for all the great tips and info you are sharing.
Great service
5 Stars for you


A: Thank you so much. It’s very nice of you to say so.

Q: Uber is the most incompetent business I know of. They don’t have a business plan that they are willing to share and as you can see are totally unwilling to provide their income producers with any real answers. That is why I am doing something else and when it matches income I will ditch them completely.

A: I don’t disagree. I’ll be announcing shortly that I’ve stopped driving for Uber after calculating how much it was REALLY costing me. I’m now running an online business that anyone can do and it’s already bringing in far more than I was making with Uber and without any of the grief.nter your text here...

Hidden Opportunities for Uber Drivers

While waiting for me to do the next lot of FAQs, here are some ways of using the time spent waiting for your next ride.

Uber Driving

We drive mostly to make money: We drive, we earn, we drive, and we earn. But there’s quite a few things that are really golden opportunities that we have because of all that time that we’re spending in the car.

Ongoing Education

The first hidden opportunity is ongoing education. We spend a lot of time in the car, and with the invention of podcasts, it’s amazing how much new stuff we can learn. Whether you want to learn about pig hunting, you want to learn about how your mind works, about meditation, you want to learn about MMA fighting, you want to learn about peak performance, you want to learn about the Paleo or Keto diet.

If you do 20 rides a day, and in between the rides you have 5 minutes, that’s like 100 extra minutes that you have where you can be listening to podcasts when your passengers aren’t in the car.


Ten FAQs

The Apology

Abject Apology

As emailed to our client base, this is an apology for my absence from Rideshare Guy Australia.

In that time, there have been a number of emails and comments from you that have been left unanswered.

All of these will now be addressed as FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 10 at a time. In some cases, my response will be too late. I'm very, very sorry if that's the case.

In all cases, greetings have been removed for clarity and client names for privacy.


Uber Driverless Cars

Autonomous Ubers: It's a Question of When, Not If

Uber Driverless Car

I don't think that there's any doubt that Uber sees us drivers as the weak link in their business model. They are looking forward to a future where they can eliminate us.

There's no point in resenting that. We have to accept that it's an inevitable part of the future.

A future where advances in technology eliminate the need for a driver, drastically reduce the road toll and bring congestion down to bearable levels.

Followed by Future 2.0, where autonomous flying cars eliminate the road toll, eliminate congestion, return the real estate currently consumed by roads to the public domain and, more than probably, eliminate private car ownership.

After all, why own a car when you can tap a destination on your smart phone and a few minutes later a vehicle drops out of the sky, you get in, it elevates to its assigned level and travels in a straight line to your destination while you listen to music, conference with your colleagues, face time with your friends or relax with a drink.

Guys, it's not that far off!


Analyse and Protect Your Uber Driver Rating

Uber Driver App Ratings Summary

The previous version of the Uber Driver App showed you your rating, but not how it was calculated.

So you had no idea of how many different star ratings you had and so no idea of how vulnerable you were.

The new Uber Driver App gives you this detail.

Tap your profile image in the upper right corner of the main screen. You'll see three buttons, labelled Earnings, Profile and Account.

The Profile button will have your picture above, along with your current rating. Tap it and it will show you your image and rating again, plus your total number of trips and how long you've been an Uber driver.

You can also click the Add Details button to add more personal details that your riders can access if they wish to do so.

Click the rating itself underneath your image to see the breakdown of individual ratings. Your current Uber Driver rating is calculated from your last 500 rated trips.


Using the New Uber Driver App Part 1

I used the new Uber Driver App for the first time this morning for 5 trips spread over 4 hours, for a total of $112.28.

Overall, I liked it, although as I indicated in the previous post, the differences are more superficial than substantial.

However, I believe that there has been a substantial rewrite of the underlying code.

That should make rolling out new features in the future easier, quicker and more reliable.

Two features that have been in overseas versions of the Uber Driver App for a long time, for example, are provision for tipping (which also requires an update to the Uber Rider App) and showing what your position is in an airport queue. Love to see both of those here soon!

Here are some screenshots of various aspects of the new Uber app, with my brief take on each one.

Uber Driver App 000

When you select the Driver App, you see a nice clean interface, with a GO button that you tap to go online.

An improvement on the previous slider.


New Uber Driver App

New Uber Driver App

Although I'm not doing any Uber driving today, I turned the driver app on to check out something else and discovered I'd been updated to the new Uber driver app overnight.

A quick browse through highlighted some obvious differences, though they seemed to me more along the lines of appearance than significant changes or new features.

At a glance, I couldn't find my 4.99 rating, so I'll be very upset if that's disappeared, along with passenger compliments.

I can't imagine that would be so as it would clearly upset everybody.

I'm planning to do some Uber driving tomorrow, so I'll explore the app thoroughly in the real world and report back on it.

The biggest improvement to me would be if navigation worked properly all the time.

Anyone with experience of the new Uber driver app is invited to leave their comments below.