New CTP Requirements for Uber Drivers in Qld

Uber Drivers Must Update Their CTP to Class 26

Helping Uber Drivers

Legislation passed by the "we must be seen to be doing something about Uber" Queensland Government means that Uber drivers must upgrade their CTP insurance cover to Class 26 (Booked Hire).

Every driver in Queensland must have CTP insurance. You will have paid the CTP premium with your car registration renewal, but can choose your own insurer from a limited selection.

For example, I'm with RACQ insurance, and the yearly premium of around $350 is added to my registration fee.

Uber Drivers and CTP: When Does This Happen?

You may hear a date of 1 January 2018 being bandied about. Don't be misled.


This is how long you have to lodge the relevant documents with Uber, not the date by which you must upgrade.

The legislation is effective from 1 October 2017. Yes - about 3 weeks ago!

We have been unable to determine if any grace period is being allowed.

As having current CTP insurance is vital to your financial protection as an Uber driver, our advice is that you should upgrade now.

Uber Drivers and CTP: What Will It Cost?

This depends on the type of car you drive and when your registration is due.

For example, my CTP premium under the old Class 1 was $352 and the new premium under Class 26 is $552, an increase of $200 or just over 56%. Basically, it's not trivial but it is something I can handle. Just another cost of doing business.

I contacted RACQ today (23 October 2017) and they upgraded me over the phone. They took a credit card payment of $52.90 as a pro-rata payment to take me up to the next registration renewal. Your amount will, of course, depend on when your rego is due.

Uber Drivers and CTP: What Happens Next?

Well, RACQ have emailed me a hand written document detailing the change of class and the pro-rata premium paid.

I'm instructed to take this document to the Department of Transport and Main Roads.

Presumably, they will issue me with their own document which I will then submit to Uber.

I'll keep you posted.


Phil Lancaster

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