My First Day Driving for Uber

Signing up for Uber

I signed up for Uber without telling my wife, thinking I’d give it a try “sometime.” Sometime ended up being the same day my account got activated! Turns out that I was in the bad books with my wife that night, so I decided it was a prime opportunity to give driving for Uber a go.

Learning What to Do as an Uber Driver

I didn’t know anybody who drove for Uber, so in preparation for the big event, I watched a ton of videos on what has since become our sister site, (Thanks Harry!), and read as much as I could before hitting the road.

My First Uber Driving Experience

Driving for Uber in Melbourne, Australia

I went online at 7:25pm and within minutes, I got my first ping. It was a pickup in St Kilda Road, Melbourne. I navigated to them, and tapped out a text to let them know I had arrived. I nervously waited as I watched my passengers approaching. A couple, they hopped in the back and gave me their destination, which was a few kilometres away in Prahran. As we started the drive, they asked how long I’d been driving. I couldn’t lie, I told them they were my first trip and they chuckled, and went on to tell me how much they loved using it and that they’d been using it since its launch in Melbourne. They then proceeded to chat amongst themselves, until we got to their destination. I had made $8.00 exactly, but back then, you had to do the maths yourself since the app showed the total fare instead of earnings. I was stoked! I had driven some random strangers less than 4 kilometres and been paid $8.00! I rang my wife to tell her (after I explained what Uber was and why I had signed up to it). She wasn’t as excited, and thought it was a bad idea, but agreed to indulge me.


The Rest of Night One and Beyond

I had another four trips that night over the course of the next three hours for a grand total of 5 trips on night one. The last trip that night was the one that got me hooked, I had made $24 from Prahran to Brunswick bringing my grand total for night one to $58.40. I ended up driving every night for the rest of the week and ended on a week one total of $528.70 for around 20 hours of being online. There was no turning back, I was totally addicted, and my wife quickly grew warm to the thought of seeing less of me and having more income, doing a 180° turnabout on her scepticism of the idea!

My Take

Watching videos and reading up on rideshare driving before I started made my first night run very smoothly, but there’s plenty I wish I had known then that took some time to learn through trial and error. If you’re reading this with the intent of giving it a try, make sure you don’t stop at this article, have a look at our Tips for New Drivers.

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Phil didn't have quite as smooth a first experience as I did. Read about his first time as an Uber driver here.


Sam Griffiths

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