Maximize Your Uber Driver Earnings

How Can I Maximize My Earnings as an Uber Driver?

Maximize Uber Earnings

Here are four ways to maximize your earnings as an Uber driver:

Drive Where The People Are

If you are driving on the freeway and there are no houses around or shopping centers around, then you probably won’t be getting a ping.  Always be moving toward people. In the mornings, you want to be where people are leaving their houses or apartments and heading into work.  In the late afternoon, you want to be where people are working so you can pick them up and take them home.

Get Long Rides When Traffic Is Light

During midday and on the weekends, traffic tends to be lighter.  This is a great time to take long rides so you can rack up the mileage, and thereby boost your earnings.  You can also use the Uber destination filter.


The Uber destination filter will get you requests going anywhere inside a 180 degree arc that is created by drawing a line from where you are to where you set the filter for. Please note that the filter does not apply to where the ride starts, it only applies to where the rider is going

This means you will sometimes be sent to pickup someone that is away from your chosen destination, but they will be going toward your chosen destination.  And, yes, it sometimes means you will go some distance in the wrong direction, only to drop your rider just a little closer to your destination than where you started. The good news it doesn’t happen often, and you are not under any obligation to accept a ride that requires you to travel in the wrong direction. 

Shut Up And Drive.

Dont Talk Too Much

Don’t talk too much. Passengers don’t like chatty drivers. Most passengers prefer a calm and peaceful driving experience.  If a passenger does want to talk, then talk. Otherwise, be quiet and allow the passenger their preferred experience. They'll enjoy driving with you and you'll both have a good experience.You will get more tips this way as well.

Always Help With Luggage.

This seems obvious, but I have been a passenger many times when the driver just pops the trunk. After a long plane ride, I want some help. Lazy drivers get lousy tips and poor ratings. Don’t be that driver.

Talking About Tips

As I told you in a previous post, I'm no longer driving for Uber. Unfortunately, the tipping app only became available in Australia after I stopped driving, so I have no experience with it. I'd love to hear others' experience, both in Australia and other countries.

Australians are often thought of as non-tippers, but that's not strictly true. The fact is, we generally tip for good service, but not if we don't think a tip is deserved. We don't automatically tip and we don't feel obligated to tip.

If you want to contribute to that discussion, please leave a comment below.


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