Local Businesses Rock!

This post is to acknowledge two local businesses that went above and beyond. In Uber terms, 5 stars!

But first, the back story...

Does Uber Driving Increase Car Damage Risk?

Statistically, it would seem probable.

It was certainly the case for me last Friday.


I was headed for an Uber rider request when I went over a small roundabout that had a severe dip at the left exit. It was dark and I didn't see the dip. Undoubtedly, I took it faster than I should have and the car landed with a resounding thump.

Still, the suspension seemed to take it ok, I picked up the riders, completed the trip and did a couple more before calling it quits.

The Saturday Morning Flat

When I took the car out Saturday morning, I noticed a pull to the right so I stopped at a servo to check the driver's side tyre pressure. The air pump at the servo registered almost zero pressure but I pumped up the tyre and it held ok. I didn't associate it with last night's thump. Just assumed I had a puncture causing a slow leak.

Local Business #1: Bridgestone Tyres

Bridgestone Tyres is at 132 Eumundi Road, Noosaville. Phone No 07-5449-7565. Web site bridgestonetyres.com.au.

I phoned them right on opening time Saturday at 8:00 am and explained the issue.

"No worries, mate. We can fix that for you. Bring it up now."

So I did that.

They immediately put the car up on the hoist and removed the wheel.

Called me in a little while later with bad news. The rim was cracked and that's where the air was leaking from.

A new wheel is a shocking price, but they said it could be fixed, so they researched online and found a firm in Buderim (about 35 km away) that welded and repaired cracked rims. Rang them, but got voice mail.

They got the space saver spare out of the boot and fitted it to the hub. Stowed the original wheel in the boot for me.

When I went to pay them for the work, they said "Don't worry about it, mate. Good luck with getting it fixed."

Local Business #2: Sunshine Wheel & Mechanical Repairs

This was the business that Bridgestone Tyres found for me.

Sunshine Wheel & Mechanical Repairs is at 3 Kelly Court, Buderim. Phone No 07-5479-2588. Email sunshinewheelrepairs42@gmail.com.

I phoned them when I got home from Bridgestone, about 9:00 am Saturday and they answered. We made an appointment for first thing Monday. I asked how long the job would take as I had a 10:15 am dental appointment. She said about an hour and a half and quoted a price of $135.

That seemed more than reasonable to me. A new rim is thousands.

So I arrived at about 8:15 am. Mentioned the dental appointment and they said they'd start straight away.

Took the wheel out of the boot, removed the tyre, cut out the crack, inserted the joint, welded everything so that it literally looked like new, rolled the rim to ensure it was totally circular, replaced the tyre, inflated it and balanced it.

Replaced the space saver spare with the refurbished wheel and put the spare back in the boot.

All finished at 9:15 am.

Total cost? $135 as quoted. And comes with a guarantee. Any issues, they'll fix them.


I really can't recommend these two businesses highly enough.

I had a problem at the worst possible time. A Friday night resulting in a Saturday issue.

So I lost a weekend of Uber driving, because I wasn't prepared to risk driving on the space saver spare with no backup if something happened to another tyre.

But all good again by Monday, thanks to these two businesses.


Phil Lancaster

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