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Maximize Your Uber Driver Earnings

How Can I Maximize My Earnings as an Uber Driver?

Maximize Uber Earnings

Here are four ways to maximize your earnings as an Uber driver:

Drive Where The People Are

If you are driving on the freeway and there are no houses around or shopping centers around, then you probably won’t be getting a ping.  Always be moving toward people. In the mornings, you want to be where people are leaving their houses or apartments and heading into work.  In the late afternoon, you want to be where people are working so you can pick them up and take them home.

Get Long Rides When Traffic Is Light

During midday and on the weekends, traffic tends to be lighter.  This is a great time to take long rides so you can rack up the mileage, and thereby boost your earnings.  You can also use the Uber destination filter.


On Being a Full Time Uber Driver

Full Time Uber Driver

What Does It Take to Hit 15,000 Rides?

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a full-time driver and entrepreneur? In this interview, RSG contributor Jay Cradeur talks about what it’s like full-time driving, the strategies he uses to not burn out (he’s given over 15,000 rides!), and how he’s transitioning from rideshare driving into his own business.


Biggest Frustrations of Being a Rideshare Driver

A few days ago, we posted 5 Things Uber Drivers Wish Uber Riders Knew, totally from our own experience here in Australia. Coincidentally, John Ince, a senior contributor to our sister site in the U.S., created a post that covers some similar (and additional) issues from his own American experience.

We present a slightly amended version here.

If you’ve been driving rideshare long enough, you’re bound to have encountered a few frustrations as a driver. From the distracting, like technological glitches, to the mildly annoying, like some passenger music preferences, we all have a list of frustrations. Today, senior RSG contributor John Ince highlights his biggest frustrations as a driver. Agree with these, or have a list of your own? Let us know in the comments!


Setting Goals and Lurking

Uber Driver Phil Gong Ride

As a retired baby boomer, Uber driving provides a nice little additional income for me. And, as explained in other posts, if it's set up properly as a business, it can actually improve your tax position at the same time, especially if you're receiving a pension.

But I like my income to be predictable and so I set very clear goals and make sure I always achieve them. You should do the same.

Everyone's goals will be different, but these are mine and this is how I go about it.


The Top 5 Mistakes Uber Drivers Make

Most of what we usually cover is about things you can do to maximise your income, reduce your tax and improve your driver ratings. But what should you NOT do as a driver?

Most of what I usually cover is about things you can do to maximize your income and improve your driver ratings. But what should you NOT do as a driver?

#5 Illegal parking

Uber Driver Parked Illegally

Hopefully you don't live in a city where the mayor goes around crushing illegally parked cars under the wheels of a Russian armoured vehicle (and yes guys this is real). Almost every time I go out driving, I see Uber drivers stopping in the middle of the road. It’s illegal parking. You can’t stop in the middle of the road even with your flashers on. You’re putting yourself at risk of a ticket, or of having an accident that's 100% your fault. If you can’t get to your passenger, if there’s no parking spots, or if there’s just too much traffic, circle the block. Give the passenger a call or a text. Let them know that you can’t find parking in the immediate area, but guys, don’t stop in the middle of the road, and always park legally.


Is Uber Surge Gone for Good?

Uber Surge Pricing

Have you noticed you’re not getting as many Surge requests as you did in the past? There could be a reason for that. Today, we analyze what’s happening with Surge (and also with Lyft's Prime Time in the U.S.) why it’s happening and what drivers can do about it.

I think most drivers have noticed that there’s a lot less Surge on the road nowadays.

If you rely on big Surge rides to make ends meet, the future probably isn’t bright for you. The days of sniping multiple $70+ surge rides from big events, traffic bottlenecks, and clever positioning are mostly over. There are still some chances out there but they are very rare. Of course I’ll still take them if I see an opportunity.


How Much Money Do Uber Drivers Make in Melbourne?

Driving for Uber in Melbourne, Australia
Driving for Uber in Melbourne, Australia

Before I started driving, this was the biggest question on my mind. I set off to search the internet for any shred of information on the topic. I couldn’t find a thing about Australia, let alone Melbourne specifically, I only knew what I would make if I were driving in America, which wasn’t much. Nonetheless, I decided I’d give it a crack. You can read about my first driving experience here.


What are the best times to drive for Uber?

Best time to drive for Uber

One of the most loved attributes of rideshare driving is that you can do it on your own terms - when and where you want and for however long a period you desire. Despite being able to do it whenever, I don’t know any drivers who are doing it for love, so knowing when the most profitable times are is an important factor in deciding when you get on the road.