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Uber Driver Gives Himself 5 Star Rating and $100 Tip!

Uber Driver Steals 100 Dollar Tip

I Don't Know Whether to Laugh or Cry

Do I Laugh or Cry

What about this recent story?

A driver was recently reported as asking his rider for her phone so he could "make a route alteration".

The passenger reported that he did something really quick with the phone and then handed it back to her.

The "really quick" thing that he'd done was to end the trip and give himself a 5-star rating, followed by a generous tip of $100! Now that's taking the self-employment concept a bit too far.

Umm... there is another word for that - it's called stealing.


US Drivers Finding Uber Unsustainable

This article was originally reported in the Washington Post and while it raises real and serious concerns about rideshare driving, its conclusions apply specifically to the United States and even more specifically to Washington, D.C.

What do you think? Is this exclusively an American concern? What about where you drive? Let us know in the comments if you are concerned about any of these things where you drive.

Safety Concerns

Uber Driver Safety Concerns

A Georgetown University study of 40 Uber drivers in the D.C. region released Thursday found some thought the work “unsustainable,” with one-third reporting assaults or safety concerns and saying they went into debt to drive on the platform.

Based on interviews conducted in 2016, the study found 30 percent of the drivers were concerned about their safety. One driver told researchers of being robbed at gunpoint; another said he was assaulted after turning down drugs from a passenger.


For Uber Drivers, Long Trips Have a Dark Side

Yesterday, I picked up a Canadian couple from where they were staying in Noosaville.

The app used one of its nifty new features to tell me it was a long ride (30 min +).

But it wasn't until I got there and started the trip that I found out how long.

They were headed for Eagle Farm, a northern suburb of Brisbane, near the airport. That meant a trip of around 140 km. They were picking up a rental to continue the next leg of their Australian adventure.

The trip to Eagle Farm was mostly on 100 km/hr and 110 km/hr motorways, so that was fine by me.

After I dropped them off and helped them unload their luggage, I completed the trip.

The fare came up at around $155. Even if I got nothing on the trip back, it was still worthwhile.

So I set the "Find trips toward a destination" option and headed back. (I did in fact pick up 3 shorter trips on the way back, so that was good too).

But I soon noticed that the $155 had disappeared!


How Do Taxes Work for Rideshare Drivers?

Important Update

From 1/12/2017, Uber started invoicing as an Australian entity, paying GST to the ATO.

Although this has no effect on your net income for the quarter, it does reduce your weekly income by the GST amount and then give it back to you by a reduced amount owed on your quarterly BAS.

See the post Uber and GST Revisited for full details.

Tax obligations for Uber drivers.

GST and Income Tax for Uber Drivers

Uber drivers have to be concerned with both GST and income tax. It's vitally important to get both absolutely correct. Otherwise, you could be in for a nasty surprise further down the track.


Everyone understands GST. It's 10% of your earnings, right?

No, wrong. For an Uber driver, there are 2 very important considerations. You must get them right and you must be able to provide the necessary documentation if you're ever audited by the Australian Tax Office.


How Often do I Get Paid and What is Flex-Pay?

Ever have a job that you only got paid once a fortnight, or even worse, every month? It’s both good and bad. The longer your pay cycle, the better you become at managing your money, knowing it needs to last. In a perfect world, we’d all have plenty of savings, and not need to be stressed about how long it is until our next payday. Unfortunately, for most of us, that’s not the case, and that’s one of the reasons so many of us take up a second job, like rideshare driving.

Drivers driving for Uber get paid on a weekly basis. In Australia, it’s on a Wednesday that the payment normally hits drivers’ accounts. Recently, Uber has introduced a new service called Flex-Pay. Flex-Pay allows drivers to be paid at any stage during the week that they choose, even daily. Drivers can request, through the app, a payout of all earnings accrued since the start of the pay week (Monday at 4am). The earnings are then transferred immediately, hitting your account in 1-2 business days.