Ask the Uber Driver: How Do I Book an Uber Ride?

Uber Riders Expect You to Know It All

This is the first post in a series about how to use the Uber Rider app. That's right, not the Uber Driver app. We've already covered a lot about the Uber Partner/Driver app, because it's the one you use all the time.

But we find Uber riders frequently ask questions about using the Rider app and it enhances your reputation (which may translate into a 5 star rating) if you can answer accurately and confidently.

Book an Uber Ride in Advance

Step 1 - Request a Ride


Schedule an Uber Ride Step 1

Step 2 - Click on the Book a Ride Icon

Book an Uber Ride - Step 2

This is the bit everyone misses. Although you can see clearly in the above image that the icon is a car and a clock, it's very small and difficult to make out on the phone itself. Just tell your rider to enter their destination then click on the little icon to the right.

Step 3 - The Schedule a Ride Dialog Appears

Book an Uber Ride Step 3

Notice that the dialog defaults to the current date and time, so that if you proceeded without changing it, it would be the same as a normal request.

Step 4 - Change the Date and Time to Your Required Pickup

Book an Uber Ride Step 4

Change the date and time to your required pickup by swiping each column up or down until the desired details are highlighted.

Then click the Set Pickup Time button.


Make sure your rider understands that this doesn't guarantee an Uber pickup.

The request for a ride is not sent out until 15 minutes before the desired pickup. If there are no Uber riders in the vicinity willing to accept the request, it will not be fulfilled.

Note, however, that taxis work the same way. If you book a cab, the dispatcher simply contacts an available taxi (if any) 15 minutes before the booked time.


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