Are You Ready for Redundancy?

Do You Have a Fall-Back Plan?

Fallback Plan for Uber Drivers

As I mentioned in a previous post, I'm no longer driving for Uber.

This came about by accident or, perhaps more accurately, by force of circumstance. But it turned out to be a good thing.

It happened when I had a (very) expensive repair bill - $9,000 to source and replace the high pressure fuel pump, which lives inside the fuel tank and so is labour-intensive to replace. Along with all the ancillary components that support it.

Unfortunately, it happened while I was transporting Uber riders to the airport. I managed to flag down another Uber driver, who got my passengers to their destination and I then spent the rest of the day organising roadside assistance and a tow truck to get the vehicle to a specialist dealer for the repair.


The issue would not have occurred if I hadn't been a rideshare driver. I would have sold the car long before it reached its current distance travelled. Even without a major repair, the depreciation due to high mileage, while not realised until it's time to sell, is a major expense.

Anyway, while the car was off the road and not earning, everything came due at once. Driver Authorisation, Booked Hire/Taxi Licence, Annual Vehicle Inspection, Registration and Third Party Insurance (twice as expensive if you're an Uber driver) Comprehensive Insurance (60% dearer than last year, even though I have a totally clear accident record). The list goes on.

I thought to myself "I just don't need this".

Here I am, with my finances wiped out by an unexpected repair bill, the car off the road so I can't earn with it and being asked to fork out thousands for the privilege of picking up strangers for $20 - $30 an hour. Sometimes less. Can you relate to that?

So I just dumped the lot.

Could You Be Forced Out of Ridesharing?

Driverless Car No Steering Wheel

Have you read my previous post Self-Driving Cars: They’re Just Around the Corner?

Now while I chose to quit ridesharing (and I'll tell you what I'm doing instead in just a moment) a lot of drivers won't have that option.

Google, Apple, Uber and Elon Musk, among a lot of others, are heavily invested in autonomous vehicles. And there's a perfect storm of converging technologies happening right now to make it a reality far sooner than most people think.

And guess what? Uber can't wait to eliminate drivers from its business plan.

So it's not a bad idea to have a fallback plan.

Internet Marketing: Your Second Income

The Internet Dream

As soon as I quit Uber driving, I looked for an alternative income.

And found it in Internet Marketing.

Now in all fairness, I should mention that I have a background in IT and find all the technical stuff easy.

But there was still plenty to learn.

Because it's not really about building a website or integrating it with an autoresponder, although certainly these are things you need to do and there's plenty of help available to do it. What it is all about, though, is building a business.

The beauty of it is that it's a business you can literally run from anywhere there's an internet connection, you choose your hours and, once you've got past the initial setting up, the income keeps flowing whether you're working or not.

You've cut the connection between hours worked and income received.

Unlike rideshare, where if you work an 8 hour day (or night) your income is proportional to that and if you don't work any hours, your income is zero.

I'm already making more than I ever made driving for Uber and learnt a lot in the process.

I've created a free series of books called Internet Marketing FAST that will help anyone to get started. You can get them at one of my websites here:

Just click on the link above and enter your name and best email address to get the books.


Phil Lancaster

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