Zero Drivers offers two distinct services... and both are quite different from Uber's.

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You can register with Zero Drivers to be a Personal Driver. Riders can book you through the app (just like Uber) or (unlike Uber) through the website or by telephoning a 1300 number. And, of course, riders can make bookings in advance.

Zero Drivers has high standards for both its drivers and their cars. They engage only experienced drivers who will sign off on their code of conduct and agree to their dress code. They don't have micro or 2-door cars and all cars must either be under 10 years old or have less than 150,000 km on the odometer.

A major point of difference between Zero Drivers and other ridesharing companies is that a customer can nominate you as their favourite driver.  This allows you to build up your own personal customer base.

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download the app

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choose a service (your car or ours)

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we drive you

Zero Driving Team

Zero Driving Team

A Zero Driving team bails out someone who for whatever reason is unable to drive their car home but doesn't want to leave it out overnight.

Our Zero Driving teams will drive you and your car home, from wherever you are to wherever you want to go.

Fear not leaving your beloved wheels out overnight (or the cost of the car park!) & no going back tomorrow for the car!

Have that extra glass of wine or travel safe if life gets in the way of you driving.

Let us move your car, commercial vehicle or trailer from A to B.