Here are some resources that you may find useful. Click the image to find out more about any of them.

Uber Rideshare Insurance

Rideshare insurance is something we all need to think about.

Shielded Insurance Brokers can provide you with a quote for insurance that covers you all the time, including when you're driving or waiting for rideshare passengers.

QuickBooks for Uber Drivers

Treat your rideshare driving as a proper business using QuickBooks self-employed . Track your kilometres, maximise your tax deductions and complete your BAS in the simplest possible way.

Free 30 day trial.

7 Things Every Uber Driver Needs to Know

7 Things Every Uber Driver Needs to Know is an e-book written by Sam and Phil to get you started with working smarter, not harder.

You should have received it when you signed up to Rideshare Guy, but if you didn't, you can still get it here.

Rideshare Guy Vehicle Log

There are a number of ways to calculate the business related tax deductions that result from your rideshare driving.

One is the logbook method, where you log all of your driving for 3 consecutive months and then work out the business percentage.

The Rideshare Guy Vehicle Log is an Excel spreadsheet that makes this task simple.

Rideshare Guy Income and Expenses

It's essential that you record (and substantiate) your income and expenses in order to accurately calculate your profit or loss and your GST obligation.

One way of doing this is with QuickBooks Self-Employed (see above). They offer a free trial.

Another is to use the Rideshare Guy Income and Expenses Excel Spreadsheet.