The A-Z of Rideshare

This is advance notice of our upcoming multi-media training course, The A-Z of Rideshare, a complete guide to rideshare driving in Australia.

The course comprises an illustrated e-book, videos, slide deck, cheat sheet, mind map and handy reference guide.

Covering everything you need to know in order to become an Uber warrior, it will include:

  • Getting a business name and registering for GST
  • The reasons for and against becoming a Pty Ltd company and how to go about it in the quickest and most economical manner
  • Jumping through Uber's hoops - the quick, smart way to become an Uber driver in each Australian state
  • Using the Uber rider and partner apps: a complete guide
  • Alternatives to Uber: the other rideshare options
  • Tips and tricks to get the most income from your time on the road
  • How to make sure that the tax office isn't your enemy: easy compliance for drivers
  • Membership of an exclusive group of top rideshare drivers.