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If You’re An Uber Driver You Need Rideshare Insurance

I farewelled my old insurance company today.

It was sad, really. I'd been with them forever and they'd always been terrific to deal with.

But my renewal was coming up in a couple of weeks and I'd decided it wasn't smart not to have a policy that covered me while I was working as an Uber driver as well as driving privately. The Uber TOS are far too vague to rely on and in any case don't cover you while you're waiting for or on your way to a ride.

So I phoned my (very well known) insurance company.


New CTP Requirements for Uber Drivers in Qld

Uber Drivers Must Update Their CTP to Class 26

Helping Uber Drivers

Legislation passed by the "we must be seen to be doing something about Uber" Queensland Government means that Uber drivers must upgrade their CTP insurance cover to Class 26 (Booked Hire).

Every driver in Queensland must have CTP insurance. You will have paid the CTP premium with your car registration renewal, but can choose your own insurer from a limited selection.

For example, I'm with RACQ insurance, and the yearly premium of around $350 is added to my registration fee.

Uber Drivers and CTP: When Does This Happen?

You may hear a date of 1 January 2018 being bandied about. Don't be misled.


Uber Drivers: Submit Your BAS the Easy Way

Step 1 - Create a MyGov Account

Uber Driver: MyGov Home Page

MyGov is the Australian Government's portal into all government-related services, such as Centrelink and the Australian Tax Office.

If you don't have a MyGov account, you need to create one, as it makes submitting your BAS and paying your GST simple and easy.

Go to and follow the steps to create an account and link it to your tax details.

If you're unsure of the steps required here, send me a comment below and I'll go through it in detail.


Uber Drivers in Qld: New Signage Requirements

New Uber Signage

New Uber Sticker for Uber Drivers in Qld

From 30 October 2017, Uber drivers in Queensland MUST display the new Uber stickers in their vehicles while driving or waiting for Uber riders (in other words, whenever the Uber driver app is on).

Unlike the previous sticker, which displayed the Uber symbol on the rear windscreen, the new stickers clearly show the word "UBER" in upper case.

There are two stickers, exactly the same. One must be affixed to the front passenger side windscreen and the other to the rear passenger side windscreen.

So that if you are looking at your car from the back, both stickers are on the left hand side.