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How Do Taxes Work for Rideshare Drivers?

Important Update

From 1/12/2017, Uber started invoicing as an Australian entity, paying GST to the ATO.

Although this has no effect on your net income for the quarter, it does reduce your weekly income by the GST amount and then give it back to you by a reduced amount owed on your quarterly BAS.

See the post Uber and GST Revisited for full details.

Tax obligations for Uber drivers.

GST and Income Tax for Uber Drivers

Uber drivers have to be concerned with both GST and income tax. It's vitally important to get both absolutely correct. Otherwise, you could be in for a nasty surprise further down the track.


Everyone understands GST. It's 10% of your earnings, right?

No, wrong. For an Uber driver, there are 2 very important considerations. You must get them right and you must be able to provide the necessary documentation if you're ever audited by the Australian Tax Office.


An Airport Guide for Rideshare Drivers

Uber drivers can pick up riders at Brisbane airport

Unfortunately, there’s no one size fits all guide here. Not only does each state in Australia have different rules and regulations, but even the different airports within a state have different rules.

I’m going to cover the two airports that I’m familiar with, namely Brisbane and Sunshine Coast, both in Queensland.

My colleague on this website, Sam Griffiths, will cover the Melbourne airports at Tullamarine and Avalon and we’ll both investigate other Australian airports to bring you their current rules and regulations.